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Tucson Eruv Boundry Map



It is with great joy and gratitude to Hashem that beginning this Shabbos April 12th/13th, Tucson Eruv Project announces that there will be a functioning Eruv in Tucson (see current boundaries below). This comes after several years of pain-staking detailed work in conjunction with Tucson Electric Power and Southwest Energy Solutions. An Eruv meticulously follows the guidelines of Jewish law for creating a demarcation of private space which allows for carrying on Shabbos and other Jewish holy days.

An Eruv enhances the enjoyment of Shabbos. It allows young families to move freely about with their children. It allows for taking off a jacket on a hot day or carrying a drink. Those who haven’t been able to come to synagogue because they could not carry medication with them will now be free to attend. Walkers, canes, etc., will no longer pose an obstacle for those who need them. The Eruv makes it easier to socially interact with family and friends and enhances synagogue attendance.

The Tucson Eruv Project feels a great sense of accomplishment at the establishment of this Eruv. The current boundaries of the Eruv area are: Wilmot to the East, Columbus to the West, Lee Street (1 block south of Pima) to the North and Broadway to the South with a Southern extension between Craycroft and East of Swan (Mountain View) that includes the hotels at Williams Center and an additional residential area. The hope is that, in time and as resources allow, the boundaries might be expanded. 

As with all city Eruvs, a person who is carrying or wheeling a stroller must exercise caution on the boundary streets for fear of walking beyond the Eruv. Until one becomes thoroughly familiar with the boundaries, it is best to stay within the Eruv area and avoid carrying by the boundaries.

This coming Shabbos bears a special name. It is called Shabbos HaGadol; The Great Shabbos. It is given this name because it commemorates the great miracles our ancestors experienced more than three thousand years ago prior to leaving Egypt. The name is additionally significant for the Tucson Jewish Community as a miracle unfolds before our eyes with the start of an Eruv in our beautiful city.

Due to the intricate components involved, a city Eruv needs to be checked weekly to make sure that all components are functional. During the coming months a system of community communication will be developed. In the interim please check the website each Friday afternoons where Eruv status will be posted.

The Eruv will enhance the opportunities for living and growing Jewishly in Tucson. So let us rejoice as the sweet singer of Israel King David has declared (Psalm 118:22), “This day Hashem has made; let us rejoice and be glad on it”.

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784