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End of Life Jewish Rituals in Tucson, AZ

Among the most complex issues that a family faces in today’s times is dealing with questions pertaining to end-of-life  and medical treatment. It is comforting for a family to know that Rabbi Becker is personally involved with both the family and the medical team to help ensure that decisions made  reflect the wishes of the patient, the sensitivities of the family and are in total compliance with Jewish tradition.

Jewish Living Will

Any individual who is wishes to ensure that  decisions made during illness or after demise are totally congruous with the personal wishes of the patient and Jewish law. These forms are recognized as legal in the State of Arizona.

Respect For The Deceased

One of the hallmarks of out tradition is the respect and dignity given to the body after death. In common jargon the body is called “the remains”. In some ways this fits in to our tradition because at the time of death the soul departs and what “remains” is the physical body. The Holy Ark in the synagogue is treated with reverence even when the Torah is removed. It is considered holy because it is the housing for the Torah. Likewise the physical human body is a holy object because it served as the housing for the “Soul”.

Rabbi and Esther are totally involved with the honor of the deceased  and simultaneously with comforting the family  and assisting them in making  all the necessary arrangements.

Chevra Kaddisha  (The Holy Society)

It is the society for true kindness. The members volunteer their time and energy to ensure that proper dignity and honor are accorded to the deceased. They take great pains to meticulously fulfill all the precepts of Jewish law and custom regarding the preparation and burial of the body.

Our Men’s Holy Society is personally directed by Rabbi Becker and our Women’s Holy Society is personally directed by Esther Becker. Assisting the Rabbi and Esther are a dedicated group of volunteers.

The Burial Service

Rabbi Becker’s personalized eulogy captures the essence of the unique qualities of the deceased and how our lives can be enhanced  by emulating them. The burial of the deceased is a great mitzvah and our tradition teaches us that it must be carried out in its entirety. At Chofetz Chayim, the service is not concluded until the grave is completely filled.

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