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The Connection

Edye Anne Singer Learning Program

June 26 - July 17


3 Weeks of Powerful Learning

The Connection is a 3 week revolutionary program with the goal to help the Jewish community of Tucson build, strengthen and explore their connection with Judaism. Flexibility is key; set your own schedule and come one time or as many as you want. Our program is sponsored in memory of Edye Anne Singer z''l who through a life filled with challenge provided for those in need and inspired her children and the people around her to pursue their passions. A core part of her parenting was instilling a love for learning, which through 'The Connection' we hope to help cultivate with every person we are honored to have participate. 

The Foxman Yeshiva in New Jersey will be coming to Tucson with 12 of their top Yeshiva students along with Rabbi Shimon Max and Rabbi Chaim Juni. This team in conjunction with Rabbi Israel Becker and Esther Becker will be dedicated to developing relationships and learning with the greater Tucson Jewish community.

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Gold Sponsor: Brian Singer in memory of Edye Anne Singer

Silver Sponsors:

Brakemasters in memory of Malka bas Shalom Shmuel

Evergreen Mortuary

Bronze Sponsors: Menachem Rapoport


Inspired by Dr. Paul W Hoffert Spirit Program 

Tue, March 19 2019 12 Adar II 5779